3 Ways to Have a Successful Couple Photo Session

January 02, 2024

Who says you need to get engaged or married to capture beautiful photos of you and your partner? Couple shoots have become increasingly popular and if you’re thinking about scheduling your own, there are three things you should focus on.

Your Theme

While a theme isn’t absolutely necessary, it does make it easier to plan your shoot and share your vision with your photographer. Having a theme will guide your outfit, location and prop choices and ensure they blend together perfectly. Some couples feel that a theme is too cheesy, but this is only the case if you make it so. Some examples of fun themes include young, wild and free, wilderness or home sweet home.


Lighting can completely change your photos, which is why it’s such an important consideration. Plan your shoot for early morning or late afternoon right before the sun sets. What’s more, make sure that you’re on time for your shoot so that your photographer has as much time as possible to capture photos of you and your partner.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Your location should fit in with the theme of your shoot. It should also be a place where you feel at ease and comfortable. For example, if you or your partner generally feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, it might not be a good idea to choose a very public space. Wherever you choose to have your photo session, make sure it’s easy to be yourselves.

In the weeks leading up to your photo session, don’t forget to spend some time deciding on your outfits. They don’t need to match but they should definitely be coordinated. Don’t opt for clothing that you’ve never worn before or anything you feel uncomfortable in – it will show through in your photos.

If you’re uncertain about anything else before your shoot, rather speak to your photographer instead of feeling uncertain or uncomfortable on the day.


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