Get the Photo As Unique As your Signature

January 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It's important for every musician to take the time to take professional photos. While a selfie or a cell phone photo taken by a friend or even a photo taken by a fan may do the job for quick promos on your social media or website pages, a professional photo takes you to the next level. Your photos are the first impression that is made to anyone viewing your social media pages, website page, or any other marketing material. Contact me today to help you capture the image you want others to see. Let others view you on a professional level without the unprofessional nature in appearance or the use of cheesy filters used on cell phones that anyone can do. Get the photo as unique as your signature.

Photo below captured by April Cushman of an Almorinda Photography professional photo used for her marketing material.

Photos below captured by Almorinda Photography and edited by Tom Dixon for marketing purposes.


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