Almorinda Photography | South Shore Country Festival at Marshfield Fairgrounds

South Shore Country Festival at Marshfield Fairgrounds

May 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The South Shore Country Festival kicked off at Noon with Kathleen Regan entertaining fans as they arrive for a full day of music. I arrived in the middle of Devri w/The Big Bamboo playing on stage. The festival had various vendors that had many choices of food as well as trinkets to purchase. Cat 98.1 Country was present chatting with fans and of course introducing each performer on stage. They also had some fun merchandise to hand out to fans too!

Southern City Band played their set and I was impressed when I visited their merchandise table after they played. They’re set up was easy to put away and displayed everything in one case. It was clearly not their first festival! The music of course was amazing and I will be keeping an eye on their website ( for any upcoming dates and you should too!

Houston Bernard Band originally invited me to take photos so I was happy to cover them during their set. It was my first time hearing them play and certainly will not be the last. As they played, the fans were starting to fill up the area with their folding chairs in preparation for the remainder of the show. As soon as the band finished playing, their merchandise table had a line that was at least a half mile long. All their fans were lining up waiting for photo ops with the band. Be sure to visit their website at for upcoming show dates.

It was great seeing Alec MacGillivary as well. As always he rocks the stage with many people getting up from their folding chairs to dance. I heard a few people comment that they loved his original tune, “Bad Day To Be A Bud Light”. If you haven’t heard it, make your way to Alec’s website at

I ended the show with taking photos of Parmalee. Parmalee certainly didn’t disappoint with fans remaining on their feet to dance to each tune. Unfortunately, I could not stay for Lonestar as I had to travel back. I hope to attend the South Shore Country Festival again next year. If you’re interested in following the festival and checking back for more information on their next festival date, visit


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